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Move to Valor is now global!
We are very proud to announce that
the Move to Valor website is now read
in over 70 countries across the globe!
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude
to the readers who have made this possible!

Join our new tele-conferences
We are very excited about our two new weekly
tele-conference events, "Mindful Meditation"
and "Share in Prayer."

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"What happened to Krista?"
That's the question that's been buzzing around.
The answer is simple: I have been evolving...yet again!

(Read about the new & exciting changes here)

"Journey through Love & Loss"
A poetic journey through the "Seasons of Love,"
experiencing the many emotions that range from
the highest of highs to the gutters of heartbreak.
"Journey" is now available through this website and on Amazon.com
See what others are saying about this eye-opening book that reveals the profundity
as it follows the amazing & heartwrenching story of forbidden love, betrayal, deceit,
and the woman who dared to place herself upon the judge's table
all for the sake of Love and in the name of TRUTH!
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A new Weekly WoW has been posted.
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"Alone in the Garden"

Click here to read a brief synopsis of this incredible Love Story.

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