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 Move to Valor is a website that offers motivational and inspirational articles to help its readers gain insight
and a new perspective into the challenges of everyday life.  Some of the stories in this site are heart-touching,
some are humorous, but all of them are my gift to you, the reader.
I am Krista Kaine, the host and writer of Move to Valor. This website is my way of giving back to this amazing life that has loved me, nurtured me, and taught me so very much! I am an author, speaker, songwriter and Professional
Life and Relationship Coach. The content of this site has been derived from my book, "From Victim to Valor",  the things that I have learned under the teachings of many great authors and Spiritual and developmental leaders, as well as from the incredible lessons I’ve been in training for over the last 38 years. I hope that you will find the content within this site to be insightful, inspiring, and life-changing.
I have had many people ask me how I came up with the name for this site, since "valor" is not a common household word.  Please read on to learn the meaning behind this incredibly powerful name!  In naming this website, I wanted to make sure that its purpose was clear and that within the few short words allotted, the intention would be understood. After calling upon my two most reliable friends, Miriam and Webster, I broke every word down to its core and
I would like to share their true meanings with you:
Move - (1): to proceed toward a certain state or condition. (2): to become transferred. (3): to start away from
some point or place. (4): to change one's location.  (5): to change position or posture. (6): to take action.
To - used as a function word to indicate movement toward a place.
Valor - (1): worth, worthiness, bravery, to be of worth, to be strong. (2): strength of mind or spirit
that enables a person. (3): personal bravery.
That is exactly the message I wanted to relay; it is the express purpose of this site. I want to
personally invite each of you to take action and change your location in a movement
toward a place of worthiness, personal bravery and strength of mind and Spirit
Here, you are among friends. This site is more than just a place to blog; it is a
small step that begins...

the journey of a lifetime!
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